Lost Miniatures - Cauldron 1/12 Scale - Witch or Wizard, apothecary, brew, dollhouse, diorama, mini set!


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Over the centuries different groups have controlled the Department of Lost Miniatures - prior to the current landlords there was a band of wizards and witches in charge - so it’s not surprising to find a cauldron or two hidden in cupboards or tucked away in crates.

These rough and rusty cast iron look miniature cauldrons are the perfect set piece for your diorama, dollhouse or miniature set.

Height: 3cm

Each cauldron is hand painted and weathered with rust powder - each is unique and may differ in appearance.

One cauldron is included on this listing, other items pictured are for display purposes only.

Note that the rust pigment will can come off if handled - this is expected and nothing to worry about.

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Beautiful miniature and really well packaged. I'm super impressed!

Always excellence in service and quality, highly recommend

Cauldron has a nice finish making it look old and rusty. Very nice item.

These miniatures are delightful treasures that can be so fanciful on a tiered tray display!

It's a TINY CAULDRON! Also it's exceptionally well detailed

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