Lost Miniatures - Seafarers Lantern - Vintage - 1/12 Scale - Dollhouse, Diorama, mini set!


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Far below the deepest underground vault you’ll find the oldest and the first entrances to the Department of Lost Miniatures - directly from the distant ocean are the river caves - wide enough for long boats but treacherous in high tide. Once the only way into the Department and long since decommissioned the sea caves were lit by whale oil lanterns - only a few have survived in mint condition!

These lanterns stand 4cm tall and 2.4cm in diameter - weathered galvanised metal and thick green tinted glass make these iconic dome lanterns hard to miss.

Although the whale oil has long ago been dried out these lanterns may still be lit with a convenient wire entrance on the bottom of the lantern.

The top and bottom of the lantern are finished is weathered metal tones and the glass section is made from resin in a bluish green.

The hole on the bottom for wiring / light is 3mm in diameter.

Note: no light bulb or wiring is included.

An excellent addition to your miniature scene. Dollhouse or diorama - unique and rare!

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