The Miniature Museum Pack has everything you will need to create unique museum displays for your miniature project, dollhouse or diorama.


This miniature bundle gives you a huge range of objects to print and make at home.
We recomend printing on a thicker paper stock for the display items (ie. 200-250 gsm)


Buying items individually could cost you up to $35.00


The Pack Includes:


  • Miniature Books (100 unique miniature books)
  • Scrolls (12 scrolls in colour and B&W)
  • Wall Hangings (24 large posters)
  • Posters (24 Small Posters)
  • Newspapers (24 unique newspaper covers for your collection)
  • Butterflies (48 butterflies to print, cut and display)
  • Eggs (48 varities of bird eggs - print, cut and display)
  • Packages (12 easy to assemble large postal packages - colour & B&W)

DIY Miniature Museum Pack

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