Lost Miniatures Mystery Box

Every box in unique and a total mystery!

Inside each box you'll find a collection of some of the below quirky miniatures:

- Posters & Papers

- Wall Hangings

- Leather Folios

- Apothecary Bottles

- Precious Stones

- Scrolls

- Glass Domes

- Vases

- Bowls

- Greenery

- Pictures

- Statues

- Crates

- Boxes

- Natural Findings

- Jars

- Plates

- Signs

- Artwork

All items are packed into a 10cm x 6cm cardboard box, sealed and lost to time!

Perfect collections to complete your miniature scene, deck out an ancient library or witches lair!

Great gift for a miniature enthusiast or collector + perfect for your hobby or craft projects.

Items pictured provide a sneak peek inside the boxes but you may not receive exactly what is in the sample images.

Free domestic postage within Australia, standard shipping applied to international orders.

Limited stock, if popular more will be found!

Lost Miniatures Mystery Boxes 2022

SKU: MysteryBox01