Deep in the ancient vaults of The Department of Lost Miniatures there are shelves filled top to bottom with mysteries.

All stored periodically in great order and with great attention to details, you can snag yourself some of the magic with these wonderous miniature bookshelves packed to the brim with unique style.

1/12 scale Miniature Bookshelf’s.

Perfect for a dollhouse, diorama or miniature set.

There are four styles available:

The Standard
A glorious collection of apothecary bottles, index drawers filled with scrolls, parchment and documents and our trade mark leather bound folios.

Dimensions: 15.5cm (h), 8.5cm (w), 2.5cm (d)

The Archive
A librarians dream, an ancient collection of scrolls stored in a glass dome top this style off with some apothecary bottles, archive drawers and a row of leather folios.

Dimensions: 16cm (h), 9cm (w), 4cm (d)

The Nautilus
Dredged up from the deepest parts of the ocean, this collection of ocean findings hold many secrets, with domes and bottles filled with shells, archive drawers and leather folios packed full of research notes and writings.

Dimensions: 16cm (h), 9cm (w), 4cm (d)

The Voodoo
Don’t dare to stare into the eyes of the ancient skull, protected in a glass dome and surrounded by bottles of semi-precious stones, includes are row of archive drawers filled with scrolls, papers and parchment and a set of leather folios.

Dimensions: 16cm (h), 9cm (w), 4cm (d)


This is a standard product, the samples pictured may not be the one you receive.
Each bookshelf will always contain the above described items and the look and feel will always be maintained!

Some items are glued down to the bookcase to maintain the design, layout and style of the piece.

You can upgrade the shelf to come with extras using the options here on Etsy.

Add one of four Glass Cloche Domes to your bookshelf order;

1. Double Skull Dome
2. Shell Stack Dome
3. Parchment Dome
4. Scroll Dome


This is not a toy, other items are not included - display only.

This is one bookcase, check out my other items here on Etsy including mystery boxes, mini crates, leather folios, parchment scrolls and diy miniature book kits and downloads.

Miniature Bookshelf - 4 Styles